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Twerking is a high-intensity cardio class that feels more like a dance club outing than a gym session. We have taken the uncontrollable desire to shake our ass and mixed it with some well known bum toning exercises aka squats! TWERK off the calories with a rhythmic shaking of one’s behind. The most fun conditioning class by far!

Join the Twerking fitness craze!

Strip Aerobics

What's the first thing you think about when we say Strip Aerobics? Nudity? Well you'd be wrong!

The only thing you'll be stripping off is unwanted pounds as you shape up in this super sexy, fun, fitness class.

A fun workout that will get you will get sweaty, you will get FIT fast! Theres nothing boring about our aerobics class, come and learn some fun, sexy moves that get you slim and toned. This Strip Aerobics class is more of a workout than you might expect!

Get your sexy back!

Booty Builder

Take your bum from flat to full.
Build, sculpt, and lift your glutes.
Get a toned tush.

Tighten those buns in this fun class which will blast the booty. These exercises will tone & firm up your glutes & thighs fast. Want a firm bum? Look no further!

A class devoted to the bum!

Flirty Floorwork

Time to raise your pulse with a sexy warm up. The lights are low, the mood is set! We have danced ourselves warm and conditioned our body with some ab work and even press ups! Strong is the new sexy! So we are now ready to take to the glittered dance floor, on with the high heeled shoes - and knee pads!

It is now time to learn a super sassy dance routine which involves floor work only - no standing up, just floor surf in the hottest dance style ever. Is it a workout? Hell yeah - you will be working your legs, bum and tum like never before, you will feel the burn!

Got bad ass? Get bad ass...

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