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Static Trapeze

FLY - swing, spin and dance on the low-flying trapeze.
FIT - create strength training for every muscle group.
FLEX - for a limber and agile body.

Static Trapeze class is designed to keep you motivated and give you an amazingly thorough full body workout.

Climbing, inverting, rolling and turning every which way on this apparatus, you will learn how to move from different positions with grace and ease while gaining strength and control. On the trapeze you will learn to use the bar and ropes to pose, invert, balance and drop into thrilling positions.

Discover your centre of gravity in many different positions as you build shapes in the air, turning them inside out and upside down in poses that highlight both strength and flexibility.

Let's get off the ground!

Aerial Circus Choreography

Using a variety of aerial equipment, such as Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Static Trapeze, Aerial Hammock, and Aerial Cube - on static and spinning mode! We will announce which equipment we will be using at least two weeks before the course starts, you should have a minimum of three months experience in the chosen discipline.

Develop combinations to build aerial routines to music. Now is your chance to feel like a circus performer as you escape to a world of dancing in the air. Cue the music, spotlights on...

Some lovely dancing in the air!

When are these classes?

Please see our timetable for the latest class listings.

How to book?

Book in advance only; limited places due to limited equipment.

To check availability and to book a place, e-mail

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