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Our unique party packages are a great opportunity to get your friends and family together! Let us take the hassle out of planning your Hen Party, Birthday party, Girlie-get-together, Celebratory treat, or Night Out...

Choose your lesson style from the options below. Can't make up your mind? Too much to choose from? Then why not have a party mix of two different styles! No experience required as we will show you how.

Prepare to giggle yourself silly!


We host your Bodybarre party at the most beautiful venue "The Bodybarre Studio" situated in the heart of Central Manchester's hippest nightlife and a stones throw from the infamous Arndale Shopping Centre. 

Bodybarre Studio
Second Floor
35-37 Thomas Street
Northern Quarter
M4 1NA

Note: The majority of Bodybarre parties can also be held in the comfort of your own home or hotel room.  Please contact us with your requirements.

How to book?

1 - Decide on your preferred time, venue, and date of your party and estimate how many guests may attend.

2 - Select the dance package you would like.

3 - Choose if you would like an optional extra professional performance then contact us for availability. We recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance.

4 - Email in:

How much?

Competitive prices given in receipt of party package enquiry. We have two hour packages, and a cheaper one hour party option. If not all of your party wish to participate but just wish to soak up the atmosphere then there is a spectator fee only.

Bodybarre two-hour party packages include:

  • 2 hour private party
  • Free gift for the main party guest
  • All appropriate dance props
  • Photo and video opportunities

Bodybarre one-hour party packages include:

  • 1 hour private party
  • All appropriate dance props
  • Photo and video opportunities

Extras available:

  • A professional pole or burlesque performance by your party host
  • A professional pole or striptease performance by Bodybarre's "Malerotic"


Party sessions are usually held on a Friday or Saturday, plus the occasional Sunday and Bank Holiday Weekends. Please contact us with your preferred time slot and date. Subject to availability. We will do our very best to accommodate you.

What to wear?

The main rule here is that you feel comfortable. If you prefer please wear regular dance fitness clothes and footwear, your favourite jeans or even fancy dress. However it is best to wear clothes that you can move easily in.

Bodybarre will provide all parties with appropriate props to ensure ultimate fabulous fun! For the Pole Dancing package, it is worth noting that the more bare skin - the better the pole grip; however please do cover up if you prefer as all moves are adaptable. For the Burlesque Striptease package please note there is no full nudity. For the Burlesque Can-Can package, we will dress you in gorgeous garters and the most fabulous netted Can-Can skirts. Fancy an extra sexy strut? Bring your high heeled shoes!

Choose one of the following packages...

Pole Dancing Party

You will begin with a warm up which will guide you through sensual floor moves to heat up your body. Learn some spins, swings and static holds then piece them together with hair flicks, seductive struts and sexy body rolls to create a fantastic pole dance routine. It's empowering, sexy and fun, and best of all we show you how to work your sky scrapper heels to that of a tantalising temptress! Take your Hen Party, Birthday Party or Get-together Night Out to new heights! Also available through our pole party package is the opportunity to book an extra special treat and be entertained by the Bodybarre professional dancers.

Burlesque Striptease Party

For all those who love to dress up come and explore our burlesque box of tricks. Raise your pulse with sexy dancing techniques and shake your silhouette to that of a Burlesque Dancer. Learn how to flirt with feather boas and fans, peel the glove, ‘cheesecake' burly facial expressions and sensual strip to reveal hidden layers! Have fun as you build up a burlesque dance routine full of bump ‘n' grind and shimmy. Explore your curves and feel great about yourself. A party packed with fun and giggles. A sexy showcase!

Burlesque Can-Can Party

Prepare to blush with all the cheek of the Can-Can as we peel away the layers in a frilly fun fashion. Packed full of all you expect from a Moulin Rouge dance with high kicks, turns, splits and of course our unique Bodybarre twist...anyone fancy a cartwheel?! A showcase party packed with va va voom, come and learn the secrets... A sexy showcase which is fabulous, flirty, and a little bit naughty.

Cheerleading Party

Mini skirts and long socks at the ready, it's time to make the squad. "Do a split, give a cheer, shake your pompoms, and your rear!!" A Cheerleading Party is filled with playful fun and high energy. Swap your feather boas for our sparkly Pom-Poms. Inspired by the American style of Cheerleading the focus is on big smiles and action packed dance combinations for which no experience is necessary. We add extra fabulousity with a custom made fun chant for you to deliver from the sidelines! The perfect shout out!

Dirty Dancing Party

Come and have 'the time of your life' learning the moves to the songs from your favourite film Dirty Dancing! Learn a routine which incorporates Salsa and the Cha-Cha-Cha in a true 'Baby' style. Nobody sits in the corner, and everybody will have fun at this ultimate fun party. Enquire to book party optional extras and add Bodybarre's "Malerotic" dance performance to spice up your party with a touch of Johnny Castle!

Michael Jacksons Thriller Dance Party

Bring the 'wacko' and wonderful to your party. Learn the choreography to Michael Jackson's Thriller with a unique sexy twist; the results are hilarious. Create a party none of the guests will ever forget! The Thriller Dance is the new fashion for a wedding reception.  Why not take the moves learnt from the party and show them off at the wedding evening celebrations and perform Michael Jacksons ‘Thriller' Dance. Our Thiller party package will build a routine to suit any dance level. No experience necessary.

Hula Hoop Party

It's all in the thrust! Rewind your childhood and get into the groove as you whirl yourself giddy with our adult sized hoops. Learn basic Hula Hoop tricks alongside simple dance steps for which no experience is necessary. Have fun with the massaging rolls of the Hula Hoop and feel young again. We will link your new found skills to create a cutely choreographed hula hoop dance routine to display your inner playful self! A superb twist to your party, have a whirl of a time!

Single Ladies Dance Party

Booty shaking people, you've seen the video now come and star in the hottest pop video as you learn to drop-it, pop-it, swing and shake-it!  A fun, all things fabulous party package where black leotards are not compulsory; yet imagine how fabulous and funny it could be...  The routine is simplified to accommodate the non-dancer with the main focus on easy to follow, stylist steps. Release your inner pop star!

80's Dance Party

Have your very own 80's disco! Bring on the old skool because we are all 80's cool at heart! It's time to party, learn some fun easy to follow feel good dance moves which combine sexy steps to body rolling rock outs! Lots of fun dancing, as you shimmy to the fabulous sounds of the 80's. Looking to have a ball? The parties right here...! Treat your guests to the cheesiest party in town!

Twerking Dance Party

Do you love to shake your bum?! Twerking is all about shaking your backside. Come and learn some brilliant booty dance moves, as we throw you down, pop you in potty stance and get the wine out - and we don't mean a bottle of plonk! So many fun moves for you to learn come and do the Dirty Dog which turns into a Nasty Dog and finishes with a Filthy Dog! Don't be shy, release your crease!

Aerial Yoga Party

Do you fancy slipping into something a little silky? Let's take the weight of your feet and turn you on your head as the silky hammock wraps around you and allows you to relax. Most of us have experienced Yoga on the floor but how about taking to the air? We will literally have you all flying through the studio. This session is exhilarating and relaxing. A perfect blend of giggles and ahhhhhhh!

Aerial Circus Party

Come and run away to the circus! We want you to feel like the star of the show. Drum roll please... roll up roll up and get your thrill with some super circus skills. We will introduce you to an upside down playground - Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks. An exciting world of aerial arts in which we will 'clown' around in! You can be an absolute beginner, we just want to make sure you experience all the fun of the spectacular big top with lots of laughter. Big smiles and pointed toes!

Kids Upside Down Party

Why should adults have all the fun? Our upside down playground is open to kids to come and fly, bounce, spin and giggle in. Suitable for all from age 4 upwards. We will take the kids on an aerial circus adventure. Flying in hammocks, spinning in aerial hoops, getting wrapped up in aerial silks and twisting and turning in the static trapeze. Our Upside Down world is a wonderful place to be, kids love it. Fearless fun!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter themed parties are now available at Bodybarre Studio - For kids and big kids!

Enchant your guests and bring out your magical side. Be Potter Fantastic and whiz around our wizarding world on your broomstick. Be spellbinding with some crafty wand skills...Play enchanting house games...

Have a wonderful wizarding party!

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