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The strong one!

With a gymnastics background, Karen loves all things athletic, acrobatic and high energy. A world class pole dancer who if often found upside down. She loves training handstands and shaking her bum! She will push you to be the best you can be. Theres no messing with this one - its straight down to business and lets take on the challenge. You will be motivated to bring 110% effort, to be the best version of you.

Penny Photo


The bendy one!

Penny is super friendly and will always teach with a giggle! Just because she is nice, doesn't mean she won't push-you-to-push-past the pain barrier! A background in ballet, Penny has a graceful, and super flexible performance style.

Flo Photo


The playful one!

Flo will give you great support on your fitness journey, she gives great teaching tips and will certainly help you reach your goals. She is lovely - but, she will ensure you reach your fitness goals be there blood sweat and tears! Flo has an entchanting performance style and a fun sophisticated teaching manner.

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Put your best foot forward and join the BEST Fitness Team in Manchester!

If you have a passion for fitness, there is no better place to grow than with Bodybarre Studio.

Bodybarre is looking for qualified ground based and aerial fitness professionals to join our exceptional team of fitness professionals.


  • Qualifications, vast knowledge and experience in your chosen discipline
  • Provide both individual and group fitness instruction that is safe, clear and concise before and during exercise activity.
  • Design and implement workout programs specific for each client’s goals and abilities.
  • Motivate clients to achieve fitness goals.
  • Promote and assist in selling training programs.
  • Enthusiastic team-player who is eager to create new relationships.
  • If you are interested in joining our unique team please send a copy of a CV of your relevant experience and skills.

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