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This course is open to all levels of students who wish to explore balance. Arm balancing strengthens the body evenly and improves flexibility. The class will begin with some conditioning, flexibility, and core strength work to aid control of this challenging position. We will work in stages towards the full handstand, and you can train at a pace and level to suit you. The course is intended for participants to conquer their fears and unleash their inner child!

Do I need to be able to do a handstand to attend this class?

I'm scared of handstands! Will I fall?
No need to be scared, you will be supported physically and mentally and have the luxury of nice soft safety mats!

Will I feel proud of what I achieve each lesson?

How long will it take before I can do a handstand?
If you commit to the course most find that their arm strength and core balance, improves dramatically within 4 weeks.

Come and see why those who take part in Handstand training are the strongest of all!

Beginners Handstands

Begin class with a general warm-up.

Now the important part - conditioning! It is important to build your strength in your core and shoulders to be able to hold the handstand. Following the conditioning section we will then start to learn some handstand drills aka fun exercises to find your balance. We will use equipment such as press up bars, crash mats and fit balls.It will then be time to get you happy balancing on your head, elbows, forearms and of course - hands!

This handstand class will move at a comfortable pace which will enable all participants understanding of correct technique. Fun, safe, and effective training.

Handstands are fun, and really, really, good for you!

Pole Handstands

Come and learn the beautiful strong creations as the handstand and pole join forces! The limits of the pole handstand, are never ending, all you need is imagination. The strength you gain from practicing handstands is phenomenal; you will notice the changes after just a couple of weeks, as you will start to move with great control.

Come and explore this class with an open mind, with guts, grab your glory! Suitable for Silver Pole, intermediate level plus.

For those who refuse to set limits...

When are these classes?

Please see our timetable for the latest class listings.

How to book?

Book in advance only; limited places due to limited equipment.

To check availability and to book a place, e-mail

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