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Ballet Barre

Discover a graceful burn in our Ballet Barre Workout. This workout is all about strengthening and lengthening your limbs alongside building a super strong core.

A non-stop 45 minute session with no room for rest! You will be on the floor, on the mat, on a fit ball, at the barre - and there is even an option to wear ankle weights to power up your core workout!

We will whip you into shape with this vigorous calorie burning barre, using techniques from Pilates, Yoga and Ballet, plus there’s a few hip thrusts too!

Cue long, lean muscles...

Contemporary Dance

We love a spot of dancing at Bodybarre. There is a beautiful marriage when we meet music - an escape, an energy... Come and explore the grace and strength of this unique dance style. Learn an uplifting dance routine to music which will reward you with some fantastic cardiovascular fitness! Simply move. Enjoy the freedom of expression.

Lose yourself in the world of dance.

Just. Dance! Just. Move! Just. Be Free!

Street Dance

A super fun session! Learn how to lock it, pop it, freeze and be generally dope! Allow yourself to step it up and dance like a cool dude in the style known as Street Dance.

Don’t worry if you have two left feet, we will make that right! Bring a smile and prepare to burst into laughter as you have fun in this funky dance class.

Hit it!

Chair Dance

Girls just wanna have fun with sexy hot cardio fitness!

It’s fun, it’s sexy and a little bit naughty. Blitz the calories, steam up the mirrors and tone up the abs, legs, butt and more. Easy to follow fun chair warm up, followed by a routine, packed with gyrating and jiggling. Look and feel amazing with this uber sultry chair dance workout.

Unleash the sexy and go wild in this fun dance fitness class.

Have fun in the hot seat!

When are these classes?

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How to book?

Book in advance only; limited places due to limited equipment.

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