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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks is one of the most inspiring forms of aerial dance. Aerial silk artists climb, twist, spin, and contort themselves on fabric sheets that hang from floor to ceiling.

It’s all about the basics in this one hour introduction to aerial silk. Work at your own pace as we learn climbs, inverts, locks, and slides. The most possible fun a person can have while enduring a full-body workout!

Get ready to climb, twist and hang!

Aerial Straps

Addicted to aerial fitness? Want to increase your repertoire? Want to learn a new skills? Then Aerial Straps is for you!

An apparatus almost solely comprised of the beastliest of moves and tricks - build up to learning some amazing poses such as meathooks, side planches and even single arm inverts!  With passion, patience and practice you will build up some amazing strength and incredible balance control.

A structured class in which you can build up your skills safely as we break down the techniques required for some of the coolest shapes imaginable!

A mesmerising aerial discipline

Aerial Rope

This aerial circus discipline is also known as Corde Lisse, it is a cotton rope which hangs from the ceiling. These classes are aimed at beginners and improvers. Grow in confidence as you develop skills which build strength and greater flexibility.

This is a stunning vertical aerial circus art in which you will have fun learning climbs, figures, moves, rolls and drops. Come and develop your aerial ability. You will be amazed at the dynamic aerial acrobatics that you will achieve. Gain superb stamina and ooze grand elegance as you move through the rope.

A visually stunning form of circus training

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