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Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop is an amazing apparatus, which can be used in static or spinning mode.

Learn how to activate your core and build the strength you’ll need to get up and into the hoop! This course teaches you a mix of spins and poses with a big strength component for your upper body and abs, plus all over body flexibility and coordination.

You will develop aerial sequences moving towards holding yourself up for minutes at a time! class with a unique twist! We have beginners only and all levels classes, come and play...

Feel like a circus superstar!

Aerial Cube

A cube suspended from the ceiling and also used on the ground for some interesting acro-balance work. Nothing boring here! You will be busy training this discipline in the air and ground based.

A truly breathtaking circus-fuelled fitness class. It is a must-do for every aerial enthusiast. This wonderful piece of equipment is similar to Aerial Hoop and Static Trapeze. It is designed for 1-3 people performing at one time. Use your body’s strength and flexibility to create beautiful shapes.

An exciting and unique aerial experience

When are these classes?

Please see our timetable for the latest class listings.

How to book?

Book in advance only; limited places due to limited equipment.

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